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Piers Anthony's review in his July '12 newsletter:
I like this novel...this is a novel that needs finding...It is well crafted, well developed, and supremely compelling...It’s a nice interweaving of the elements, with a hint of romance. If you want a story that will keep you nervous until the end, this is the one.
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WARNING: His review contains spoilers
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Sept. 1, 2013 - Shadow Dragon has been selected as the winner in the Reader's Favorite 2013 Contest for best Suspense Novel!
In Horton’s hard-hitting debut, a realistic thriller with sci-fi elements, vicious murders and a possible government coverup bring the FBI to sleepy Montana...Horton expertly builds suspense around the murders, while the emotional conflict between Sheriff Greyhawk and his Native American grandmother highlights the question of whether the perpetrator might be supernatural. Fortunately, the lean writing isn’t bulky or overwrought, and the storylines convincingly intertwine in the well-established plot. The government link adds to the intrigue, and hints of the supernatural invigorate this thriller...The gripping story of a shadowy killer, especially thrilling for sci-fi fans. - Kirkus Reviews

Horton easily conjures up creeps in this modern-day horror novel that will be of particular interest to fans of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child's popular Pendergast series...the author's imagination and effective prose serve him well throughout. - Publisher's Weekly

A thriller with hints of Tom Clancy and James Patterson, Shadow Dragon plucks you up on the first page and offers an exhilarating joyride through biological skulduggery and perilous chases, never veering off course...Shadow Dragon is an excellent debut novel by an author to watch. - ForeWord Clarion Reviews